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As a business based in Redford, you can bet our commercial services are easily available in Livonia!

The front of your business makes and important first impression, and first impressions are important! For example, clothing boutiques need large front windows where they can set up seasonal displays, attorney's offices need windows create a beautiful look but maintain privacy, and many other businesses want large windows to allow natural light and to showcase products, etc. That's why the types of glass windows and doors you choose for your business can be one of the most important decisions you make! In addition, glass walls and partitions can really ad a level of openness and modern look to an office setting that solid walls can't. At Michigan Specialty Glass, we know what it takes you make your building look professional both inside and out. You can see a one of our Livonia projects below, and if you're like to do anything similar to your business, just give us a call!

When we get a call from a Livonia business in need of new doors, windows, or even board-up services, Michigan Specialty Glass moves quickly. We set up appointments to come out and make an assessment quickly, and not only will we prepare accurate and honest estimate in a timely manner, we'll also have a team ready to work as soon as your ready so you'll never be stuck waiting to get your project started. You also won't be stuck waiting for a project to finish - Our goal is always to finish a project in a timely manner without sacrificing quality.

The store front shown below is just one example of the Livonia businesses we've serviced. When we got to this location, they were in the process of an interior remodelling project that had already begun, and it was our job to install new entry doors and a large front window. Within a week of this business' initial contact with us, we had given an estimate and started the work. Our team worked hard to complete this project on time, within budget, and with a quality finish. And we're happy to say we succeeded!

Michigan Specialty Glass
Michigan Specialty Glass