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Door Repair

Let's face it, there not a more important part of your business than the doors that allow people to enter and exit. And it is obvious that those doors get a lot of use over time from customers as well as employees. Which means that over time, there is a very good chance that your door or doors will need to be repaired or even possibly replaced all together at some point. With a forward look, there are some things you need to be on the lookout for in terms of door repair. Michigan Specialty Glass is a professional service that specializes in doors.

Even if there is nothing at all wrong with your door right at this moment, we strongly recommend that you seek out a reputable and professional contractor who will inspect and perform maintenance on it twice a year. This is something that we are very familiar with and would love to work with you on. It is a very good idea to have us check out the hinges, door closers, doorstops, pivots, handles, springs and rollers as well as anything electrical that could be malfunction or might wear out from basic wear and tear. You may think that this sounds like overkill but believe us when we say that a maintenance plan and path like this can save you in the long run. Especially from the cost of a catastrophic failure of some kind.

One thing that many customer's do not do when they seek our a professional door repair company is to make sure that they have a track record of making successful repairs on doors of commercial properties. At Michigan Specialty Glass, we can honestly say that we do. We are very passionate about getting the job done and making sure it is done correctly. We can provide you with references and you can contact some of the customers we have done work for in the past and talk about how everything went. Yes, this decision is that important.

Something else that is tremendously important is hiring a company that is available on a 24 hour basis and who can perform not only repairs and maintenance, but also installation of a brand new door if the need should arise. Again, this is something that Michigan Specialty Glass offers. Free estimates and same day service is our guarantee. There is nothing like having this type of work performed by experts, by professionals who truly know what they are doing and will get the job done to the best degree possible.

If you find that their comes a time that the repair needs to include a brand new door installation, then you will be faced with a different set of questions. Talk to us about the types of doors that are available that would work in your particular door facing or opening. Do you want solid wood or metal or possibly something with glass in it, this is the time to make those kind of decisions. Do you want to add any kind of special security that you did not have before? Have a frank discussion with us about the options and we will certainly provide as much advice as we can. By using Michigan Specialty Glass, we will be able to give you some great answers in terms of what will work best for your needs. And we will talk to you about a warranty on the work we perform. Keep in mind that door installation can be a costly endeavor and by getting a quality warranty you will be protecting yourself from any potential problems down the road. So, whether you are just going to need your present door repaired or a new one installed, we know that we can provide you with answers and quality work that will bring you great confidence. We believe that if a jon is worth doing, it is worth doing well.

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