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Glass Office Partitions

Alright, we have all seen different kinds of office setups. There is the open office area with rows of desks and then there are the age old cubicles where everyone is tucked away in their own little space and for most of the work day, eyeballs rarely meet eyeballs. This also usually includes cubicle walls and partitions that are a very drab and boring color. Well, we at Michigan Specialty Glass are here to tell you that there is a better way for everyone involved. And we can help you transform your office area into something very special indeed.

The traditional old style design is becoming a thing of the past. A new trend is fast taking hold and Michigan Specialty Glass is on top of it. Companies are starting to realize that the traditional cubicle walls actually decreases creativity among employees. Employees quickly get bored with the grey walls and the small space they call their own while never seeing another living soul. So, if you are ready for a redesign and to get the creative juices flowing, contact Michigan Specialty Glass and we can get the ball rolling on a whole new office concept.

There are huge benefits to be earned by installing commercial glass office dividers. Think about it, glass walls and partitions allow visibility throughout the entire office while still maintaining the privacy of employees. You have options and we can talk about them. For instance, you can have the glass run from the floor to the ceiling if you so choose and in that case privacy would be obtained by closing the door. But people will still be visible whether the door is closed or not. Mentally, this can be a great boon to fellow employees as they at least get to see each other and build a sense of unity and connection. Glass walls also allow natural sunlight to move through the office which can be a very good thing for the attitude of employees.

Another benefit of using glass office dividers is the impact that the look and feel makes on clients that visit the office. Believe us, they will be impressed. It looks modern and trendy and it gives the impression that your company is forward-thinking which in turn will give them an inner confidence about how you do business. Make Michigan Specialty Glass your go to experts for this kind of transformation. We will be with you from the planning stages all the way through until the end. We have the experience and the expertise to create a very special office area that you can be proud of and that your employees will enjoy coming to work to experience. Whatever the size or layout of your current office space is, we can create the perfect partitions in order to makeover the way you work and live. Think about it, when we are through, your space will be both divided and unity all at the same time. Now, isn't that exciting. Contact us for a consultation and we will walk through every step of the process including getting you a quote.

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