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Safety Glass

When it comes to your business, you really can't go wrong with having safety glass installed. Technically, safety glass is any glass that when broken does not pose a safety hazard. In fact, many building codes exist now that mandates safety glass be installed in doors and any high traffic areas. You will want to familiarize yourself with these. And the knowledgeable staff at Michigan Specialty Glass can help you with that. We can help you not only with the knowledge base that you need to have but also with obtaining and installed any safety glass you decide that you need.

The last thing that you want to happen at your business is for a customer to be severely injured or even worse due to broken glass. This issue is serious enough for you to seek out a professional who will be able to advise you as to a plan of action as well a company that can turn those plans into reality. At Michigan Specialty Glass, we have a passion to help our clients acquire exactly what their situation calls for and to see that those needs are satisfied.

One of the first things that we will help you determine is what type of safety glass would be best for your particular situation. The two most common types of safety glass are laminated and tempered. Laminated glass is what is installed as the windshield of your car. This kind of glass is manufactured by laminating two pieces of glass together with a polyvinyl butyral inner-layer. The key to this kind of glass is that when it is broken, it will crack but it will stay together which means no danger of lacerations. Many people like to install laminated glass in a storefront because of the level of security it brings and the fact that it will remain in place even if badly broken.

Tempered glass is manufactured in a totally different fashion. Glass is heated to approximately 1200 degrees Fahrenheit and then rapidly cooled on the outer surface. It is this rapid cooling that causes there to be a tension between the outer and inner surface and this tension increases the strength of the glass by approximately sixfold. So, the result is that when the glass is broken, it will shatter into small blunt granules rather than large sharp shards.

By working with Michigan Specialty Glass, we will help you in choosing between the two and be with you throughout the entire process. We take pride in making sure that you will be completely satisfied with the job we do for you. We believe that communication and customer service are the number one factors throughout any business relationship. Therefore, we will start with a consultation, we will educate you as to your options and then we will install the glass that you choose to the highest degree satisfaction possible. In the end, you will have a smile on your face and a peace of mind that you truly cannot purchase. Call us today and lets talk about your glass needs.

There is something very special about glass staircases. They give a certain sense of uniqueness and an air of elegance to any business. It certainly will turn heads there is no doubt about that. In terms of style, a glass staircase also opens up the possibility of incorporating different features including a diffused surface for privacy, your logo etched on the steps even LED lighting to illuminate the steps. Whatever you decide in terms of aesthetics, you obviously want your staircase to still be functional and of a very high quality. At Michigan Specialty Glass, we specialize in work like this. Our team can create a custom design for you and walk you through the entire process all the way through installation.

As with any project like this, there are several considerations and options that you will need to make decisions on. We will sit down with you and have a consultation where we will discuss every aspect of your project in detail. We can discuss whether you want a staircase that is curved or straight as well as the limitless design options connected with a staircase like this. For safety issues, we will discuss what kind of glass you would prefer as well as what thickness. And don't worry, we will provide you with the minimum thickness that will meet code standards.

We make a solemn promise to work with you through all phases of design and construction. We will sit down with you and show you a vast portfolio of options. A large part of our job is to educate you on the different materials that are available that will meet your every need and desire. What will be needed installation and ensuring that your staircase is code compliant is also something that we take very seriously. One thing that we take great pride in is providing the highest quality glass staircase and handrail systems that you are going to find anywhere. We strive to take any and all worries from you as we seek to make sure the process is seamless, cohesive and flawless.

There is truly nothing like the sleek look and clean lines of glass. Something else that you should know is that this type of stairs will include a special type of protective solution. This will ensure that each step remains non-slip and very safe. We know that this is a major goal of yours and we want you to know that it is for us as well. We will never suggest or create anything that is unsafe. There are also a number of textures available for glass stairs which provide a very organic feel and make for a much safer walk as well. Don't worry, we will walk you through the options.

We have always believed that the process should be as easy as possible. We sit down and you tell us about your needs. We hash out the particulars and then we will begin the construction preparations. It is our job to bring your vision or dream to life. If you need inspiration, we are here for that as well. We realize that every time we tackle a project, we are putting our reputation on the line and we want you to know that our reputation is very important to us. In the end, customer service is our number one priority and included in that is your satisfaction. Let's talk about your staircase needs and let's make that great first impression when your customer walks into your business.

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