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Store Entry Doors - Steel and Glass

The front facade of any structure can mean a great deal when it comes to not only being attractive to the owner but also to those who drive or walk by the building. And while this is true of any kind of structure, it is especially true of a store where you want to be as inviting as you can possibly be to potential customers. Let's face it, many people make determinations about what they will do based on visibility or how attractive a place looks. And this is only natural. So, as a business owner, you will do well to put much thought into how the front of your store looks and how the view might possibly attract or dissuade the general public from walking your way. There are steps that you can take to make sure you end up with the store front that would best serve you and Michigan Specialty Glass can help you make it a reality.

First and foremost, making sure that you take precise measurements of the entrance's masonry opening is tremendously important. Measuring the net height is very important because you want to see if the opening is level. If you find that there are varying dimensions, your best bet is to make sure the storefront frame is set to the shortest dimension of the opening. The width of the opening should also me measured at the top, middle and bottom. The staff of Michigan Specialty Glass can help you with this step and can then begin to fabricate your storefront.

In terms of fabrication, the two most common methods presently are the screw spline method or using the shear block storefront systems. Both methods allow for contractors to conveniently assemble either at the site or at their facility. Have a serious discussion with your contractor about which one they recommend or which one they are really experienced in doing. After fabrication and before installation, you need to make sure that everything will fit properly and that all sealants will be compatible with the various surfaces being used in your particular situation. With Michigan Specialty Glass, that won't be a problem, we have done this hundreds of times.

When you finally reach the installation phase, all of the framing should be installed and if all goes well, it will be time to fasten the storefront with the system components. Installation includes making sure that all expansion joints and perimeter seals are connected properly. Once this step is complete, any aluminum surfaces should be cleaned and protected. Lastly, install the glass using the manufacturers instructions and then the vinyl components. It is critically important that that everything is sealed properly. We will talk to you about doing a field water hose test to ensure proper protection from water infiltration. This is a guarantee that we can make you, if you make sure that you are on top of every detail and by working with our expert team, you should end up with a beautiful, long lasting storefront that hopefully will attract many customers in the years to come. But as with anything, if you don't do your due diligence, you may be in for a rude awakening in terms of costly repairs down the road, liability or even worse. But of course, that is where Michigan Specialty Glass comes into play. We are here to make sure that everything goes according to plan.

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