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Custom Mirrors

Mirrors add a great element to any room or any interior area. Whatever you may have in mind, you need a true professional that knows the world of mirrors like the back of their hands to be with you every moment of your journey. Michigan Specialty Glass will provide everything you need including a consultation, recommendations when you need them and the expertise to know how to cut and install mirrors according to your custom specifications. You can't go wrong with us and we guarantee you that when all of the dust has cleared, you will be staring into your mirror with a huge smile on your face.

There are few items that you could purchase for your home that can enhance the décor like an amazing mirror or mirrors. Most people don't think of it this way, but by adding mirrors to your home, you are actually going to take advantage of more natural light. You are also going to make any room that you add mirrors to appear larger. And one of the beautiful things about mirrors is that there is such a wide variety of styles, you can certainly find something to reflect your own personal style and taste.

At Michigan Specialty Glass, we can help you in your plans to add some phenomenal mirrors to your home. We offer you a wide variety of mirrors that are either custom framed, full-length, made for closet doors and so much more. Whatever size, shape or pattern you might need, we can make. We will polish, drill holes, make notches, cut out switch plates or outlet holes and whatever else is needed for your purposes. And for the purposes of safety, we can also apply a vinyl film backing in order to prevent any kind of injury from glass shards in case the mirror should break. We would be pleased to custom build or frame any size mirror you find that you want. The quality that we promise to you is far superior to what you are going to be able to get anywhere and that is something that we hope that you can smile about.

If a frameless mirror is what you are on the lookout for, we are your go to place as well. We can take a mirror and shape it in any way to fit your personal style. But what will make you smile more than anything is the fact that Michigan Specialty Glass offers full-service including repair if need be and installation. Expertise at installation is extremely important and we have qualified glaziers and very experienced glass installers to ensure that each and every job is done to perfection. We are in this business to provide complete service from start to finish and our standards are extremely high. Our motto is this, if you are not happy then neither are we. So contact us for an initial consultation and get ready to start the process that will lead to some amazing mirrors being in your home that will greatly enhance your living space.

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