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Glass Storm Doors

Homeowners who do not take a time to have a storm door installed almost always regret it. First of all, the look is just never right without one. Practically, when your main door is closed, the room behind it can get quite dark and stuffy. But not so with a beautiful storm door. By bring able to open the main door, you will benefit from additional sunlight while still being protected from the weather and other things like insects. We highly recommend that you hire a professional company like Michigan Specialty Glass to make sure that the job is done right. We can help you with every aspect of this task from the purchase to the installation.

Your first mission is to find the exact storm door that you want and that will serve the purpose perfectly. So, in essence your choice is mainly come down to personal preference and functionality. There are some very important questions that you need to ask yourself. Are you wanting the storm door for additional security? Are you mainly interested in the energy efficiency it can bring or is it more for the décor? We will show you storm doors made from metal, wood, vinyl and plastic and we will discuss the advantages of each. Do you want a full view, ventilating or rollscreen.

Measurements are the key to a great installation. The staff at Michigan Specialty Glass are experts in this area. And this step will tell you whether you can order a standard door or if you will need to order a custom storm door. We hope it is comforting to know that we possess the tools and the skill set to install your storm door. We will inform you as to which side of your storm door is going to be the hinge side. Keep in mind that most storm doors will be hinged on the same side as the entry door however in some cases the storm door needs to be hinged on the opposite side. We will inform you as to which will be the case.

During installation, we will be careful to install the drip cap at the proper time, some manufacturers suggest after the door is in place. This is another good reason that you have a professional company like ours installing your storm door. We will take care in making sure that the door is plumb and once you are happy with the door's position, we will secure it. The last step will be to attach the handle and that means making sure it is in the proper place and not going to impede the entry door. And you can rest assured that we will not forget the closer mechanism. Once installed, we will adjust the speed to your liking.

Our goal is to give you complete confidence when we preform any kind of job for you. We want you to be completely satisfied with our work because we realize that you are going to be living with what we do. So, when you are ready, contact us and let's start a conversation about your storm door needs and we will do everything we can to make you happy.

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